A brand for powerful, positive change. Hope Nation, LLC. definitely met the criteria of being a purpose-led company. Our very first meeting, back in 2011, was comprised only of conversation and bold direction that were centered on the founder’s vision. Fast-forward to today, now a solid partner, Hope Nation is outfitted with a brand platform and business mission that help create positive and long-term, sustainable change for Native, indigenous and rural communities across the country. SED worked to bring the vision to life through a branding effort which included logo design, tagline and brand voice, product naming, website, and design on collateral materials, including business cards, PowerPoint presentation and more. We look forward to our ongoing collaboration with Hope Nation as they continue to grow.

Tagline Development

Brand Rationale

Brand Architecture


Website Design (visit hopenationconsulting.com)

Letterhead / Business Cards / PowerPoint Presentation