Unique. Unrivaled. One of a kind. SED was stoked when we were asked to help Refine Skateboard Co. define their brand. The end result was much more than a logo. Because of close collaboration, we helped define a unique feature that is the proverbial “cherry on top” of these superior, hand crafted skateboards — the fire-branded finish. The Refine Skateboard brand is minimalistic. We intentionally veered away from the loud irreverence that all skateboard companies lean on. Instead, we found relevance in the basic elements of wood, iron and fire. Primal, but way cool and the perfect alignment of the product and the spirit of the sport. SED’s task to help David slay Goliath incorporated website design, product and studio photography, brand story and voice, branding irons, t-shirts and apparel design, stickers, business cards, and more.

Brand Architecture

Custom Decks Photography

Studio Photography

Branding Iron Photography

T-shirt Design

Business Cards




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Stable Eleven Design is a creative strategy company that holistically defines brands via targeted positioning, design, voice and marketing activation. SED works closely with clients to find the essence of a brand; to architect a strategic plan and creative communications; to create a language that better connects with the consumer; and to affect a brand in real, measurable ways.

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